Care about Shirt


o keep the shirts always in a perfect state, you need only a few small tricks, regarding wash, ironing and custody.

After having worn the shirt, it is advisable to leave it soaking, so that the dirt does not consolidate. Afterwhich you rub the collar and the wrist ends, with neutral soap and having folded it with the buttons internally, put it in the washing machine, avoid drying, using a liquid detersive and always neutral for the white shirts, it is advisable to do separate washing and adding periodically a whitening product.

A well ironed shirt, is synonymous of care and attention for ourselves first and toward others. To reach a good result, even here, small attentions. The shirt should be humid, therefore all you need is a spray, the vaporizers are the best (the types used on the beach to tan with). It is advisable to iron with a simple base of Teflon, to avoid the undesired effect of shine on the fabric.
You start from the neck, from the end to the centre, first from upside down and then straight, keeping the collar stiff. Then you continue with the wrist bands, on both sides, pulling so as to stretch them. To follow the sleeves, keeping them first, following the creases. Afterwhich you position, first the shoulders and then with extreme care, the front (both, from upside down to straight) finishing then with the rear, following with care, the creases and borders.

It is advisable to leave the shirts hanging, to avoid bad-looking creases which derives from keeping the shirts in drawers.

cura della camicia
cura della cravatta

Care about Tie


very tie has a particular fascinating interest, due to the moment when it was bought according to certain emotions. It is well then, to have care one’s ties, and to use certain precaution. Above all, never wear the same tie for two days one after the other, and when you take it off, undoing first the knot, be careful not to hang it, but put it on a flat surface and leave it “rest”.

Being made with such a delicate fabric, it is not advisable to use the iron. It is sufficient to hang it near a place with vapor. Finally, if during a meal of work it is stained, it is sufficient blotting it immediately, taking it to the cleaners.