Sea Island


he best silk in the world is cultivated only in the Caribbean Islands, where the sun shines for more than three thousand hours a year and the difference of temperature between the night and day is minimum.

Sea Island Cotton requires a long and careful cure for about eight months from seeding to harvest, done exclusively by hand. Consequently only one quarter of production per acre is collected, this is one of the reasons why it is so rare and of value.In 1972 it became known in London as the most elevated quality of cotton, ever since loved by the Royal English family and other nobles of high society. In the 18th century it was marked with the N.278 and was sold at a very high price, 400 times more than the American cotton.

At the end of the passed century England excelled in the cultivation of the best and strongest quality of Sea Island Cotton and at the moment in which all the plants that were transplanted in the United States were damaged by insects, the Caribbean Cotton has remained the only authentic Sea Island Cotton to be praised in all the world. To the manufacturers are given (under rigid control of the W.I.S.C.I.C.A.) a number of brand-names, with the logo “gold colour”, in relation to the shirts that can be made with the fabric bought.

sea island

Sea Island