Realization Ties


t is the most vivacious and personal accessory of the wardrobe, for those who live it made to order.It is chosen in the morning, in relation to the state of mind and combined to the suit and shirt, so as to make one feel at ease in every circumstance, this is why the client makes his order after having visited the most fascinating squares.The tie, obviously, only and exclusively of seven folds, can be produced entirely by hand in all its passages, reproducing with care the design, with the aim of obtaining excellence in manufacturing so as to distinguish itself.Finally, here is a bit of exclusiveness.

Only six ties are made for each drawing and only the best silk of Como is used, coloured by tight threading. Six and eight pieces in all its versions, from the reps to the ottoman and the beautiful Mogador and fascinating jacquard, so that the knot can stay firm, without requiring the necessity to intervene continuously in re-shaping it.